Washtenaw 2030: Destination Master Plan

What is a Destination Master Plan?

 A Destination Master Plan is a comprehensive plan outlining the sustainable development of infrastructure, facilities, services, attractions, events, and private-public partnerships to improve the overall visitor experience and quality of life in a destination. 

Washtenaw 2030: Destination Master Plan


Why is Washtenaw 2030 being created?

 Washtenaw 2030: A Destination Master Plan is a long-term plan with the intended goal of creating a strategic vision – a roadmap – to improving the visitor experience in Washtenaw County, as well as generating economic benefits for those who live and work here. 

The final product will incorporate community input and identify both assets and opportunities that could be created or improved to enhance the tourism product in Washtenaw County. 


What is the process?

Creating a Destination Master Plan takes hours of planning, research, assessment, and analysis of Washtenaw County. From April-September 2019, our goal is to interact with 2,000 individuals through various means: one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, focus groups across a broad section of market sectors, two resident Town Hall meetings, as well as an online resident survey. In addition, existing research will be reviewed, competition analyzed, and existing regional tourism assets will be mapped. 

Following the collections process, all of this data will be analyzed and prioritized. The final Destination Master Plan will be ready for implementation at the end of 2019.


Who is involved in Washtenaw 2030?

Destination Ann Arbor is proudly supporting this initiative, partnering with destination master planning worldwide experts, InterVISTAS and NEXTFactor. Together, these organizations are interacting with civic, business, and community leaders throughout Washtenaw County. 

Additionally, a Steering Committee has been developed to provide guidance for the Washtenaw 2030 plan by giving input, monitoring progress, and helping to ensure deliverables are in scope.

Destination Ann Arbor

Destination Ann Arbor

 Destination Ann Arbor is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the economy of the Ann Arbor area, through promotion as a destination for day and overnight visitors.  



InterVISTAS is a leading management consulting company with extensive expertise in aviation, transportation and tourism. 



NEXTFactor Enterprises Inc. is a consulting company in the tourism and transportation industry that provides strategic planning services.