Washtenaw 2030: Destination Master Plan

Washtenaw 2030: A Destination Master Plan is just one of many master plans and community projects that are currently underway.

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Related Projects

City Master Plan


 The City Master Plan serves as a guide for public and private decision-makers regarding the future physical development of the City.   These plans provide a framework for preserving the City’s unique character while supporting investment.  

Washtenaw County Cultural Plan


This plan the result of a community-based planning effort created through the participation of cultural, educational, civic, business, and government representatives from each of the county’s key population centers. 

5-Year Recreation Master Plan


Every five years, the Commission updates the Parks and Recreation Master Plan to identify priorities. This plan is used as an overall operation and development guide for the county’s parks, preserves and other recreational amenities. 

Transit for Tomorrow


 TheRide is developing its a long-range public transportation plan to guide and prioritize investments for the public transit network in the Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. 

Ypsilanti Township 2040


 Ypsilanti Township 2040 is the collaboration between Ypsilanti Township officials, residents, and businesses to answer the question, “What should Ypsilanti Township be in 2040?” 

Shape Ypsilanti

Shape Ypsilanti

A Master Plan for a safe, diverse, sustainable Ypsilanti.  This plan was a collaborative process, publicly gathering input from city officials, residents and business owners.